T-Sigma S.r.l. is capable to provide technical consultacy services integrated to engineering expertise, among the various operational areas addressed we highlight the following:

Industrial plants design:

packaging and handling systems in the aluminium and steel product sector
Thermo-fluid dynamic simulations (CFD) to support the design of fume purification systems
Design and verification of pressure vessels, boilers, heat exchangers and steam generators.

Product Engineering:

Design of special machines in the agro-industrial and food sector
Design of parts and components for orthopedic prostheses
Design of valves and components in the hydraulic and oil&gas sector

Energetic Engineering:

Design of complete industrial plants for waste and biomass treatment through waste-to-energy and energy recovery
Design and construction of mini-hydroelectric power plants (Power<200kWe) through screw turbine.
Design and management of work on power plants in the renewable energy field.
Specific advise on energy and environmental audits (D.Lgs. 102/2014)
Energy certification of civil and industrial buildings.

Safety, standards and plant certification:

Safety Engineering and CE certification of plants and machinery, application of the CE marking procedure according
to directive 2006/42/EU.
Pressure vessels, CE marking application for pressure vessels according to Directive 2014/68/EU.
Application of CE marking procedure for environments with risk explosion according to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU.

Technical checks and testing:

Simulations and verification of machines and machines parts through FEM Analysis.
CFD Simulations and calculations.
Technical appraisals for lifting equipment testing and maintenance.
Inspections on lifting equipment (D.Lgs.81/2008 art.71,co11, DM 11.04.2011 UNI ISO 9927-1:1997;  
ISO 12482-1 Cranes –Condition Monitoring...)
Non-destructive testing with portable durometer, verification of surface hardness, preliminary characterization
of materials for resistance estimating.
Non-destructive testing with magnetoscope, research of superficial and sub superficial defects.
Non-destructive testing with ultrasonic thickness gauge, pressure vessels and tanks verification.
Performance test on firefighting systems.
local velocity and flowrate in flowing currents by means of portable thermo-anemometer.
illumination tests.

Fire prevention, Fire safety Engineering.

Fire prevention practices in compliance with D.P.R. 1/08/2011, n. 151 and D.M. 7/8/2012 (SCIA and fire prevention certificate)
fire prevention practices using Fire safety Engineering approach using validated engineering software (FDS) (D.M. 09/05/2007)
Asseverations on efficiency and functionality of active fire protection plants.
asseverations on fire resistance of products and systems for the protection of load bearing elements.
Design of systems for active fire protection.
Fire Risk assessment.
Internal emergency plans and evacuation plans.
Specific risk assessment such as ATEX.

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