T-Sigma S.r.l. is able to support those small and medium sized enterprises which, in order to develop, must open up to global markets and be able to compete by developing innovative products and technologies, to do this, companies need to have reliable partners with appropriate scientific skills and capable to integrate engineering tools to the production process in order to increase productivity and lower costs.

T-Sigma S.r.l. thanks to its young, dynamic, flexible and up-to-date organization is capable to develop turnkey projects integrating skills and sinergically connecting the territory companies among them to provide the most demanding customers with better quality, better efficiency, better service, reduced response time, more adequate functionality, safety and reliability.

Moreover T-Sigma S.r.l. supports the customer companies in the so-called "sales engineering" phase; a strategic tool for large-scale industrial complexes, in order to allow the customer to acquire new orders.

the continuos growth and development process of the T-Sigma s.r.l is marked by the achievement of a fundamental goal represented by the obtainment of the certification of its Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard

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