T-Sigma S.r.l. is able to support its customer in the complete design of machines and plants. The activities are managed from the preliminary feasibility studies up to the development of the technical elaborations and the support activities in the implementation phase through project workgroups, involving both externals and customer resources, but always taking responsibility for project management.

T-Sigma srl has implemented, through its qualified resources, the use of CAD3D/CAE design system among the most used and performing on the market, installed on high performance graphic stations; this allows the development of the best design solutions through "3D design methods" together with the "FEM Analysis" techniques.

These activities represent a package of "integrated design technologies" led by virtual simulations, which allow to achieve the performance, timing and cost targets, while respecting technical specifications and reference standards of the various industrial sectors.


Calculation and structural verification of mechanical components and steel structures, linear and non-linear static analyzes.
kinetic and dynamic analysis and simulations of machines and machine organs.
Thermofluidynamic simulations, connected to the machine and plants design process.

computer simulations are conducted in order to optimize the design of machines, machine parts, complex systems:

Optimization analysis of assemblies (forces evaluation, stresses and friction between contact couples, automatic application of bearing loads, forces, pressure and torsions).

Evaluation of the temperature variation effects on parts and assemblies.

Simulation of vibrational phenomena.

Fall test simulation (worst case isolation before physical testing)

Simulation aimed to verify the expected life of a system or the damage accumulated after a specific number of cycles

Examine the conformity of pressure vessels to the code and regulations.

Calculation of the effects of large displacements (impact of large deformations as loads and restraints change)

Simulation of non-linear material products.

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